Principal's Page


Natalie Page
High School Principal
School Phone:  (618)625-5105, Ext. 117

Natalie Page is the principal at Sesser-Valier High School.  This is her third year as SVHS Principal.  Prior to that, Mrs. Page taught at Sesser-Valier Elementary School for 18 years.

Mrs. Page is married to her husband, Brian, and they reside in Sesser with their two children and their dog, Shooter. In her free time, Mrs. Page loves to read, walk, and hang out with her family.

Mrs. Page's Education:
*Bachelor of Science (Elementary Education ) - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1996)
*Master of Science (Education) - Indiana Wesleyan University (2000)
*Master of Science (Educational Administration) - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2014)

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Special Recognition:
  1. Congratulations!!!!
    1. IHSA Music Contest at Carterville High School on March 2, 2019
      1. Ashley Barber – Vocal Solo- 1st Place
      2. Nathanial Baxter – Vocal Solo, 1st Place
      3. Nathanial Baxter & Sydney Lewis – Vocal Duet, 1st Place
      4. Sydney Lewis – Vocal Solo, 1st Place
      5. Jayme Soldan – Vocal Solo, 1st Place
      6. Maggie Stacey – Vocal Solo, 1st Place
      7. Elizabeth Wilder – Vocal Solo, 2nd Place
      8. From Mr. Evetts - I would like to thank Julie Heine for being so much help with everything all these years and Tracy Masters for putting up with 20 excited teenagers for 16 hours. Both ladies are so beloved by our kids, and they always go above and beyond for our students. As always,a huge thanks to SV faculty, staff, administration, and the board of education for their continued support for the arts in our school. We have weathered many uncertain times these past several years but our students have proven that when they have to, they can do a lot with a fraction of the resources "bigger schools" have. My students are diverse and that is something other sponsors and judges kept saying about their art work throughout the day. These young people have so much to say and they said it loudly on Friday. My students aren't always among the most visible kids in our school. Their challenges are often different than those of their typical high achieving peers. This was a big deal for them. What I saw more than anything on Friday was myself at that age and that is the thing that keeps me coming back for more nearly 20 years into this career. The bar has been raised. We'll give it our best again next year. 
    2. ACES (formally WYSE) - 1st place Division 300, Individual winners as follows:
      1. Physics - 1st Place, Ryker Kiselewski
      2. Physics - 2nd Place, Cyler Knight
      3. Physics - 2nd Place, Michael Richardson
      4. Math - 1st Place, Ryker Kiselewski
      5. Math - 1st Place, Carson Latta
      6. Math - 3rd Place, Carlie Page
      7. English - 3rd Place, Gillian Lemons
      8. Chemistry - 1st Place, Gillian Lemons
      9. Chemistry - 2nd Place, Derek Sample
      10. Biology - 3rd Place, Derek Sample
    3. Art Club
      1. 2019 Illinois Student Art Association Rembrandt Society Convention in Champaign held on Friday, March 8, 2019.
      2. 20 of our students participated along with approximately 110 students from 7 other school districts. The schools we competed with this year included Belvidere, Central A & M, Nokomis, Ridgewood, Blue Ridge, Shelbyville, and Taylorville.
      3. Initial judging for the main art show encompassed 13 media categories, 12 of which SV students placed pieces in. Students may only enter up to 3 pieces for the main show, excluding portfolio/scholarship entries and a special themed group project.1st place winners in the initial judging compete later that evening for the best in state awards for each category.
      4. Our breakdown of initial and state recognition:
        1. Nathanial Baxter placed1st and 3rd in initial judging for B/W Drawing and a 1st place initial judging for color drawing. His color piece later placed 2nd best in State. Nathanial also received an outstanding artist award for his work.
        2. Brandon Frank placed 2nd in initial judging for B/W Drawing and 3rd initial judging for color drawing.
        3. Deanna Bollinger placed 2nd and 3rd in initial judging for color drawing and 3rd in initial judging for watercolor/tempera.
        4. Gracie Frank placed 2nd and 3rd for B/W Drawing in initial judging and 2nd in initial judging for Sculpture.Gracie was also sworn in as state officer secretary for 2019-2020.
        5. Caleb Qualls placed 1st in initial judging for digital art. He later took 3rd best in state for the same piece.
        6. Savannah Parker placed 3rd initial judging for both B/W Drawing and Acrylics/Oil painting as well as 1st place initial judging for the miscellaneous/mixed media category.  She took 2nd best in state for her mixed media piece.
        7. Zoe Shurtz placed 2nd initial judging for B/W Drawing, Watercolor/Tempera painting and for miscellaneous/mixed media.
        8. Jessi Senior placed 1st place in initial judging for ceramics and 1st and 2nd in initial judging for printmaking. She later took 1st in state in for the latter.Jessi was also sworn in as state officer Vice-President and along with Secretary Frank will play a big role in planning the 2020 convention.
        9. Madison Emery was awarded a first, 2nd and 3rd placing in initial judging for photography. She later took 2nd best in state in the same category.
        10. Jimmy Gobtop took two 1st place and one 2nd place in initial judging for the digital art category. He later took best in state for that category, received a $2,000 scholarship, and his state winning piece was purchased by a gallery owner from Shelbyville for $500.
        11. Courtnie Patyski received three 3rd place awards in initial judging for the acrylic/oil painting category.
        12. Brinley Peerman was awarded a 2nd place in initial judging for acrylic/oil painting.
        13. Sammi Logsdon placed 2nd in digital art during initial judging.
        14. Kelisy Grob placed 1st in initial judging for watercolor/tempera and later took 1st in state (2nd year in row for that category). Kelisy also took 2nd in both acrylics/oils and sculpture during initial judging.
        15. Kelsey Hamm took 1st place in initial judging for acrylics/oils.
        16. Michael Richardson took 1st in digital art and sculpture during initial judging and a 2nd place in photography during initial judging. He later took best in state for sculpture.
        17. Tristan Ricketts won 1st in initial judging for both photography and color drawing. He later took 3rd best in state for photography and 2nd best in state for color drawing.
        18. Jayme Soldan was awarded a 1st place during initial judging for the miscellaneous/mixed media category and 3rd place during initial judging for both acrylics/oils and color drawing. Jayme also received an outstanding artist award.
        19. Elizabeth Wilder placed 1st during initial judging for photography and 2nd for two pieces in the digital art category during initial judging.
        20. Zoey Flowers was awarded 2nd and 3rd for the acrylics/oils category during initial judging. 
        21. Kelisy Grob, Michael Richardson, Deanna Bollinger, and Jimmy Gobtop contributed to our chapter's special project and won 2nd best in state.
        22. Our past chapter president, and the 2017 Best in State winner, Mady Senior returned as an alumni member/chaperone this year and has been asked by the current director to help organize the state art show for next year. We are so glad she was able to tag along this year and will continue to be a part of our chapter moving forward.
    4. Boys Basketball
      1. Finished with a record of 27-7
      2. Regional Champions
      3. Sectional Champions
      4. Made it to the Elite 8 Super-Sectionals at SIUC (Lost to Central A&M)
      5. Had a great season with a lot of community support and a stellar student section
    5. Scholar Bowl - Kelisy Grob, Carson Latta, and Gillian Lemons were selected for the all sectional team in Scholar Bowl
    6. IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award
      1. SVW Girls Volleyball (Coach Brook Williams) was awarded this with a 3.7 cumulative GPA
      2. SVW Boys Football (Coach John Shadowens) was awarded this with a 3.31 cumulative GPA
    7. FCCLA Section Meeting in Fairfield
      1. Maddie Bulla and Karlea Harris both received a Gold Rating in Pastry Cookie Decorating
      2. Maggie Stacey received a Gold Rating in Public Speaking Creed
    8. FFA
      1. Poultry team won their section contest with the top 3 individuals overall: Derek Sample - 1, Chloe Ragland - 2, and Anna Kistner  - 3; Also, Nate Ragland - 7 and Jaslyn Gunter - 8
      2. We had a great FFA Week this year. The officers took care of everything. There was a lot of participation and support.
    9. ICTM Regionals 2019 Summary
      1. Freshmen: 3rd Place Jasmine Castillo, 2nd Place Reagan Basso, Team: 1st Place
      2. Sophomores: 2nd Place Derek Sample, 1st Place Jessi Senior, Team: 1st Place
      3. Juniors: 2nd Place Katie Galloway, 1st Place Ryker Kiselewski, Team: 1st Place (Top Team Score by a public school in the state)
      4. Seniors: 3rd Place Peyton Bates (Junior, but competed as a Senior as we only have 3 Seniors on the team), Team: 2nd Place
      5. Freshman/Sophomore 8 Person (Reagan Basso, Jasmine Castillo, Maggie Stacey, Gabe Woolsey, Audrey Gulley, Georgia Ort, Derek Sample and Jessi Senior):2nd Place
      6. Junior/Senior 8 Person (Peyton Bates, Katie Galloway, Ryker Kiselewski, Gillian Lemons, Montana Packer, Carlie Page, Brianna Dorris and Savannah Staples):1st Place
      7. Calculator Team (Emma Spence, Shaylee Manker, Carson Latta, Carlie Page and Matthew Thery):1st Place
      8. F/S 2-Person (Derek Sample and Emma Spence): 1st Place (Top score in the state, including private schools)
      9. J/S 2-Person (Ryker Kiselewski and Brianna Dorris): 2nd Place
      10. Oral Presentation Team (Montana Packer and Maura White): 1st Place (Top score in the state)
      11. Overall Team: 1st Place (6th highest team score in the state; top score by a public school.Each of the schools who scored higher throughout the state are selective enrollment schools, some of which charge tuition as high as $20,000 per year.)